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Product Name:CMY 20R 440W 3 IN 1 Beam Spot Wash
Product Series:Moving Heads
Market Price:Negotiable    
Updated:2020-7-7 8:49:55

CMY 20R 440W

CMY+CTO 20R 440W 3 IN 1 Beam Spot Wash 

Light source: Original YODN R20 440W

Maximum power: 600-800W

Power supply: wide voltage input switching power supply 100V-240V 50-60Hz

Color temperature: 6500K-8000K

Lamp life: 2000 hours

Spot angle: 2-50 degrees

RDM function: It can change DMX address code and channel mode from console.

Optional Artnet functionality

Control mode: DMX512, automatic operation, master-slave mode channel mode: 26CH/30CH

X/Y scan: level 540 degrees,

Vertical: 270 degrees

CMY independent color mixing system, can adjust more colors

Color Wheel 1: 13 colors + white, rainbow effect, can be arbitrarily positioned

Color Wheel 2:  6-colors,which can achieve pattern rainbow effect

Gobo wheel 1:  7 Pluggable Patterns, Patterns Rotary, Patterns Pipeline Effect

Rotating Patterns Rotation: Arbitrary Angle Location

Gobo wheel 2 : 14 Fixed Patterns, Fluctuating Pipeline Effect

Dynamic Effect Disk: An independent effect Disk can achieve the effects of water marks, flame and stars.

Atomizing Mirror: Atomizing Soft Mirror

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Stroboscopic: synchronous pulse stroboscopic, random pulse stroboscopic

Prism 1: one 8 facet Prism, Bidirectional Rotation Effect

Prism 2: one 16 facet prism, bidirectional rotation effect, (6 facet linear prism can make)


Focusing: Prisms can focus independently to achieve richer prism effects

Focus: Patterns can be adjusted and clear at will

Amplification: The spot can be adjusted from 3 degrees to 50 degrees.

Display: 2.8 Inch Touch color LCD display, Chinese and English display, reversible display

Net weight: 23kgs

Gross weight: 27kgs 


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